Happy 👩‍🏫 day 😇

I would like to thank our traders from Sniper club, day trading club & Rambo Boot camp for showering us with so much food, flowers and cakes this 2 days. Sniper club Day trading club Rambo Boot Camp Very beautiful cup cakes ... OMG 😍 JG would like to take this opportunity to wish every trader a smooth and prosperity trading career ☘️

Missile effect

Early Tuesday morning, the news flash headline was North Korea missile passes over northern Japan, while I was having holiday in Taiwan. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/north-korea-missile-passes-over-northern-japan-japan-government?xtor=CS1-10 What will happen to Nikkei 225, my immediate reaction. Quickly get ready my chart, on standby mode. As a sniper, I know the opportunity in Nikkei has arrived. It has been slow moving for weeks, and keep missing the most important support level where all Snipers are on standby mode. When market open, Nikkei gap down, "landed" at H1 "star" level. At LTF, waiting patiently for market to open and waiting for the earliest possible entry. A Hamme

T.A. or F.A.?

As a T.A. trader, when market suddenly move in a very fast pace towards our target, out of curiosity (after taking profit), we would like to know what move the market. I have not done any F.A. studies myself, so I cannot comment too much about F.A. But the interesting part is, you can find reasons from F.A. to fit into the chart without knowing that it happen. It seems like nature always play it's part. Whenever T.A. move, good or bad news will then follow. Take an example for today's SiMSCI. From the T.A part, SiMSCI is meant to drop (from the Fibonacci projection). The entry was way back since 1st of August, 2017, it then move sideway in selling zone for 4 days. Drop down another level an

New course are on the way!!!

In a month time, September 16 & 17, a new course will take off. In this particular course, since I am having the majority from Indices and are able to watch day market, beside currency, crude oil and S&P, I will add in my favorite day contract -- Nikkei 225. Instead of you pairing the indicators, I will help you to pair all up, and you pick the one that is most suitable to your own temperament. [I don't think traders can follow rules for very long unless thy reflect their own trading style. -- Ed Seykota] Some traders are more attracted to moving lines, some traders on the other hand, are more attracted to static lines. [So what exactly is your methodology? If you cannot answer that question

Trade during quiet market

As we already know, Japan is having their holiday today and market is so slow throughout the whole day. But knowing that market has already trading at a crucial level that a Pattern or SLBW will be formed around this trading zone, I decided to stick to this slow market and bear with the trades that I have placed. At 2:30pm when Nikkei closed their T session, SLBW opportunity appeared. I decided to wait for T+1 to open and set all my limit orders. Such a wonderful setup, I decided to stick with it even though it is slow moving. At around 4:20pm, all SLBW limit orders are filled. If you are watching market, you would have noticed the 8:30pm news spike. Snipers would know that the first batch o

Take advantage when market rest

Most of the time, when market made an extended move beyond JG's PAPLines, a good trade opportunity is happening soon. For Taiwan, price has: 1) Extended move beyond PAPLine-S3 2) Traded below Land with ABN (to be covered in Sniper's course) 3) Traded to EXTN FIB support level (to be covered in Sniper's course) This morning, a chart pattern formed. The "HM" formed the Head at EXTN Fib level on opening -- 8:45am. Follow by forming the right shoulder at 9:06am. To be consistent with my pairing position sizing, patterns are having 25 lots. 29 tics profit x 25 lots = USD 7,250 As a sniper, patience to wait for the "right" moment for entry is utmost IMPORTANT! Let's move on to Nikkei 225. Today is

Sideways Market Strategies Profit When Price Goes Nowhere

Another week has ended. How is your performance this week? As usual, with the same few pairing indicators, Nikkei is performing well for this week with Patterns and SkyLand together with PAPLines. First 2 days of the week, price did not present any trade opportunity. Price only touches PAPLine without the help of SkyLand. Day 2, price not touching SkyLand again. Day 3, a Double Top pattern formed with the help & confirmation of Sky & PAPLine. Day 4, another chart pattern formed. A Double Bottom together with PAPLine. Day 5, another chart pattern formed. A Double Bottom together with PAPLine to end the week. Sideway market exists for a majority of pretty much any trading period you pick … Did

Normal vs Abnormal market movement

Can you recognize a normal market or an abnormal market? We snipers can! When price start to move in an abnormal way, once it reached a support or resistance zone, it provide a very high probability trade opportunity. In SiMSCI, there're 3 such opportunities! Price has climb up to Sky in an abnormal way. After the initial 4 tics loss, another shooting star appeared. Since it has reached my important Fibonacci level, zoom in on short focus! It's a risk of 4 tics versus 25 tics profit. The signal came in yesterday T+1 session, this morning traded down to profit target. At the same time, this is also the support zone (Land). A buy spring buy signal appear after an abnormal move again. When the

Fibonacci ratio everywhere

The Fibonacci ratio is constantly right in front of us and we are subliminally used to it. Thus, the human eye considers objects based on the Fibonacci ratio as beautiful and attractive. It works the same way even with human faces! Faces with parameters (eyes to mouth distance, eyes to nose distance, ears to eyes distance) closer to 61.8% are beautiful and attractive to the human eye. In this manner, big corporations like Apple or Toyota have built their logos based on the Fibonacci ratio. After all, we should not forget that these are two of the most attractive and engaging logos in the world. I have also covered a lot about Fibonacci in trading. Today's article in the Facebook caught m

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