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New course are on the way!!!

In a month time, September 16 & 17, a new course will take off. In this particular course, since I am having the majority from Indices and are able to watch day market, beside currency, crude oil and S&P, I will add in my favorite day contract -- Nikkei 225.

Instead of you pairing the indicators, I will help you to pair all up, and you pick the one that is most suitable to your own temperament.

[I don't think traders can follow rules for very long unless thy reflect their own trading style. -- Ed Seykota]

Some traders are more attracted to moving lines, some traders on the other hand, are more attracted to static lines.

[So what exactly is your methodology? If you cannot answer that question, you are not ready to be risking money in the markets. -- Jack Schwager]

For the syllabus on PAPLines (for traders who are more attracted to static lines), there are total of 5 pairings. I have list examples on how this is paired and how you can work on it (during the September intake and thereafter).

ABN move with PAPLines

Fibonacci with PAPLines

Chart Pattern with PAPLines

BBT with PAPLines

SkyLand with PAPLines

PAPLine is just 1 of the 5 from the tool box, we have 4 more to go...

As Peter Brandt has quoted: "It is necessary to have an organized method to make the important decisions involved in trading, such as what market to trade, when to trade, how to enter, how to set stops, how to exit and what leverage to use."

After trading for months now, you should be able to appreciate price action better. My upcoming course will help you to sharpen your skill further and also help you to understand why risk management is so important. Do you understand the importance of having a proper exit strategy in place for every trade you take?

We all take a sniper-like approach to our trading, which basically just means we only trade if our edge is present and we do not waste ‘bullets’ on less than obvious targets.

See you guys soon :)

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