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We are into the 3rd week of 2024, Futures traders, how are you doing so far?

Since the year has just started, it is a good idea that all traders should re-visit your trading plan and start to have a clear mind, stable emotion to enjoy your 2024 trading journey.

For those who are with us through our training program, the chart below shouldn't look alien to you. For those who are not familiar with us, and are interested in exploring the trading arena, come join us, as we are having online tutorial sessions twice a week.

I have included bubbles in the chart so as to help you clear up your mind, stay calm and plan your next entry.

**Contract: ES

Same goes to TW, I know many TW traders are concern about the News recently, but, in real life, good or bad outcome from the recent election should never bother you if you are a true technical analysis trader. After the election, price drop to the Land and formed a reversal pattern. What you need to do is, recognise it is at support level(Land as well as FIB reversal level), reversal Pattern formed, go in with Candle signal, exit at profit taking FIB Levels. That is what a true technical analysis trader has to do.

**Contract: TW

How do you build confident in taking the trades very much depends on your belief in what you have learnt and how stable is your emotion.

Have you started your 1 kick, 10,000 times like what Teacher Tom has been sharing with you?

Have a great 2024

From: TYJG Trading Academy

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