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Trade during quiet market

As we already know, Japan is having their holiday today and market is so slow throughout the whole day.

But knowing that market has already trading at a crucial level that a Pattern or SLBW will be formed around this trading zone, I decided to stick to this slow market and bear with the trades that I have placed.

At 2:30pm when Nikkei closed their T session, SLBW opportunity appeared. I decided to wait for T+1 to open and set all my limit orders. Such a wonderful setup, I decided to stick with it even though it is slow moving.

At around 4:20pm, all SLBW limit orders are filled.

If you are watching market, you would have noticed the 8:30pm news spike. Snipers would know that the first batch of profit exit missed by 1 tic and got pull back 15 tics. What can we do... NOTHING. Stick with the plan!

At 8:59pm, first batch is cleared.

Nikkei SLBW

The balance? just leave it to the market to play out.

Have a nice weekend.

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