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Don't let others set limitation to your progress

You probably have friends or family members around you who will give you their advice, but sometimes, those opinions might actually hinder your progress. 

Having just returned from Beijing, China, we went to The Great Wall of China. As part of our preparations for this trip, I informed our Snipers that Tower 20 is the most challenging part of climbing the Great Wall. It is the desire of all of our dear Snipers to complete Tower 20 in order to become the actual hero (Tower 20: 英雄台). 

As we reached the Great Wall of China, the tour guide discouraged us from going all the way to Tower 20, telling us it would take more than two hours and it is very tough to climb.

How did it all turn out? 

The first one that reached the TOP & took a picture, it only took him less than an hour.

Then come the others...

You should not allow others to obstruct your progress just because they claim to care for you.

In your trading business, do you have someone out there that keep telling you it is impossible? Take a look at our Snipers who went up to Tower 20 even though our guide kept discouraging them.

Learn to accept challenges along the way and achieve the goal that you have set.


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