Purpose of Trading

恭喜发财 If you have not set your new year resolution in Jan 2018, you might want to start this CNY. I have started with my Sniper Club since beginning of Feb to draft their trade plan. I have also started with a fixed trading plan this CNY for 3 contracts (Nikkei 225, 6E & CL) to show them the "outcome" of having a simple trade plan. Beside having a trade plan, I think having a "purpose" is also important. Example: It can be planning for your son/daughter's education fund. I begin posting a standard trading plan based on one of the simple Fibonacci strategy on the 3 contracts mentioned earlier. Starting from Feb 19, 4th day of CNY. Nothing on Feb 20. On Feb 21, I have both 6E & CL, nothing from

Trend is with us for this week

This week, market is bearish trending. All 3 markets in our trading basket are in the same direction. Tool to use for trendy market -- Emolines Trading pull backs using moving averages(Emolines) We want to focus our attention on key chart levels of support or resistance using moving averages for pull backs. You can easily identify support and resistance levels and watch for price to pull back and enter on confirmation signal to enter. Emolines are usually better in obvious trends; you can watch for smaller retracements to the moving averages and then look to join the trend from that Emolines. Nikkei 225 -- Monday price gap down, Emolines down, price resisted by HTF PAPLine-S1. SiMSCI -- same

Market Correction or going to Crash?

For Dow to drop more than 1,000 points twice within a week is a rare opportunity, but something which every trader should witness and learn, in the course of their journey as a trader. (I’m writing this on Fri evening before US markets close, so if Dow drops another thousand points tonight, it would be the third time this week) This shall be a benchmark for you to check your own emotions, to gain some invaluable experience, so that you can benefit (tremendously) the next time this happen again (will definitely happen again) In the papers, “experts” are suggesting 2 contrasting views (as always) One which suggests this being a necessary “healthy” correction, remain calm. The other warns of “

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