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Start of the first day of Lunar New Year. Have you gotten your Ang Pow from the market? Sniper Club is bustling with POT today. The most active tonight should be our "pattern" trader. [Van Tharp: you spotted a familiar pattern, feel happy about it] Ang Pow for the first day of this Lunar New Year is estimated around USD6,000+ on 3 trades. Do you have that Passion in Trading? Do you have the time for your Passion? Most important: Are you the specialist in this field? or are you just a general practitioner? Have a great year ahead guys :)


TY-JG Training Academy wishes everyone a Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year. How's the market behaving during Lunar New Year? If you're trading , you would have gotten your "红包" by following simple SOP rules. ES start moving on the bullish side (using SkyLand as the guide of the trend) after the opening bell. Using Sniper trading style, collect small profit on the way up. CL is the best performer at the moment. It has reached a major support (423%) and start to reverse with a DDU signal. A whopping 99 tics profit on 1 lot. If you have 10 lots, that brings you 99 tics x 10 x US$10 = USD 9,900 (Entry around 11:07pm and exit around 1:04am) Hope you have a wonderful evening with your family havin

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