A trip to J.B. with our traders

First stop -- Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh for breakfast 🍚🍲 Ah Soon's bak kut teh come in a piping hot claypot with chunks of blanched looking meat in a light looking steaming, furiously bubbling herbal broth. The preserved, soft green vegetable (giam cai) was only slightly satly and dominant tastes were sweet and tangy. Works well to whet the appetite for the chunks of meat in the claypot. Next stop -- Go Kart They are on Buggy this time (can you recognize them?)... going on the bumpy track ... good luck guys :) Weather is treating us well. It only start to rain when all buggies are back from their bumpy track. After an hour of bumpy ride, everyone are hungry by now... Let's go for lunch at Jade


This time round, I have the advantage of preparing some of the conversion traders weeks before actual course. I started them with recognizing chart patterns. For the first week, I showed them where to look out for potential levels that chart pattern will appear. I will then asked them to point out the chart pattern (if any) during our trading days, it is kind of stressful for them initially, but I think they are used to the "stress" by now. I then followed by adding layers on top of Patterns. Which is the Pattern Fibonacci levels. They are still coping, progressing well. Beside the day class, it is followed by continuous pressurizing them through FB questions, I am so glad that they are so r

Something light

I was rather early this morning to reach the trading room. One of the reason of course is watching the Nikkei opening. With another tension created by North Korea during the weekend, I know that chances are very high for market to gap down on opening. When the reflector was up, it was pointing at my exit level. No surprise, it open and all my positions are out instantly. Market gap down below SkyLand, below PAPLine-S2, close to S3, a HM formed. Within 2 minutes, reached target profit. Another Nikkei trader was also early, and she said: I want to wait for 261%. Hmmm... sure, I replied. So, I went out to take my breakfast. Market reached 261%, HM signal formed. Ta-da... ... but, this trader's

Using Fibonacci to guide your daily trading plan

A good Fibonacci (FIB) on a higher time frame chart (hourly) should last you weeks or months. Taking Nikkei 225 as an example, A FIB was created since 21st June 2017 and it has lasted us till today. On 29th Aug 2017 -- price finally reached FIB support -- 19,230 (event: this gap down was triggered by North Korea's missile). It then start to climb up to resistance 19,635. At this important support level, we can also see SkyLand coincide with this level. On 1st Sep, 2017, a double top formed at SkyLand together with Fib resistance level, this up move from 19,230 is also an *ABN-U. Double top target reached this morning on market opening. It gap down again on opening (event: North Korea nuclear

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