Reflection Time

To all my snipers (include those who are not physically in my sniper club), it's time for everyone to reflect what you have did right and wrong in trading as a sniper trader. It's time to do self reflection. How many times have you identified a trade entry you thought was a good one, but for some reason you just didn’t click the mouse and enter that trade and then it went on to be a winner without you? When you see a trade signal on the charts, and you want to feel confident in your decisions, you must first know what you’re doing, what your trading strategy is and have an anticipatory trading plan. If you don’t definitively know what your trading edge is, you cannot possibly develop the con

Welcome 2018

2017 has come to an end. Let's welcome 2018! We have just completed our Year End Rendezvous on 29 Dec 2017. I thought I would just picked one interesting topic that Tom has covered during the RDV -- J.O.S. Do you still remember the example that Tom mentioned during the RDV? Yes, chart pattern. Master a simple strategy and go deep in understanding the strategy. He showed many examples on that particular chart pattern, can you remember what was that? You can find this chart pattern appeared in different timeframe, different contracts! I do not have his chart, but I do have collections from our traders on the chart pattern that he mentioned during the RDV. There are plenty of this appearing eve

Well Prepared Warrior

We always emphasize to our traders the importance of Trade Plan. Tom always does his preparation for his traders in the TY Live Trading Facebook, I prefer to get traders to do it themselves rather than feeding them. In Sniper Club, we always have a pre-opening focus done by traders who are on duty every day. Recently, I have started another pilot project that focuses on just a handful of members who are "Special". They are supposed to be "tough" enough to be "drilled" by me :D **Those who are not prepared, very soon, they will be out of this special task force. Trading success is: Taking the time to learn an effective trading strategy, including entry and exit criteria, money and risk manage

The Wonderful T.A.

Ever since the day Bitcoin Futures started trading on Dec 18, The cryptocurrency is down more than 28% from its all-time high above $19,500 [MarketWatch]. Yes, as we can see from the hourly chart below, on Dec 18, once the price start to close below TY-Map, it was capped well by the Map and the prices are sliding down steadily. The added value of respecting price action is that we can seamlessly adjust and go with the flow of markets when directions change. On Dec 23, when price went slightly below 11,000, Coinbase, one of the biggest bitcoin market places, says buying and selling is temporarily disabled. During this panic moment, those who have attended Tom's course, do you remember he show

Manage your Four Seasons well in trading

Trading Tool box ==> Lets pick PAPLines & Four Seasons Candles. Contract ==> Lets choose Nikkei 225 Since we are using the same strategy throughout the whole worksheet base on the active T session (7:30am to 2:30pm), Money Management remain constant. Every trades are using 3 standard lots. Risk Management: Candles signal as Stop Loss. Any candlestick signal that is 10 tics or more on risk, our entry are on 50% retracement. Do you still remember the simple PAPLines-Seasons trading rules? Buy Spring, Sell autumn except Summer SS, HgM & Winter HM & Broom. Day 1 (7 Dec), price was below previous day S3, HM appeared on opening, your immediate action is to "Buy". When price climb up to R1, it wen


Bitcoin fever is burning! This few days, you'll notice that most News platform are talking about Bitcoin price surge. While waiting for the Bitcoin Futures to launch soon, I have went into CFD to take a look on the chart, whether does it performed in the T.A. manner that suit my 'swing traders" & myself, because the Bitcoin Futures is schedule to launch in December 2017. My snipers are eagerly waiting to take advantage from the current volatility. On Dec 8, I have tried it for the first time, when the news was so hot. Bitcoin hit 17,000! As a Fibonacci trader, I will definitely plant in my Fibonacci retracement lines. Wait for price to retrace to the sell cluster, do a limit sell. Collect my

Profitable Trading = Money Management

Traders & investors dedicate a significant amount of time studying and mastering new trading techniques, trading strategies, and approaches to the market. However, only a few spend the equal amount of time to learn proper money management. Money management is the most ignored and overlooked aspects of trading and at the same time is one of the key cornerstones that form part of a successful trading career. Technical Money Management The majority of traders focus most of their time on technical analysis to forecast price movements, trends, and find the high probability trades. Therefore their technical analysis is directly associated to their money management and risk mitigation strategies. T

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