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Trading with ONE Strategy -- PAPLines

We have come to the end of the month of January, do you still remember how I started the year by telling you, training yourself to master one strategy?

This is how an hourly NQ chart look like for the month of Jan-2024.

Let's move into lower time-frame trading by using one of the indicator ==> PAPLines.

Do you still remember how to use it?

==> R2/R3; S2/S3 ==> Chart Pattern trading

==> Above R3; Below S3 ==> E-FIB or SLBW

The examples taken are from NQ LTF charts, trading size are 3 lots, taking into consideration of new traders who are still trading and building up the belief system in this strategy.

Trades are all taken before 11:59pm on each trading day, since most of the traders are still holding on to their full time job.

For updated contract specification, do always check on CME website:

Hope you have a good start and let's prosper together with the new Dragon energy!


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