Bonding Time

Start of the year, we had our first bonding session. A dinner get together for snipers. At the start of the year, my main focus is "Fibonacci trading". Other tools in the tool box are used to enhance this system. My pilot project for the pure Fibonacci camp members are "not pure". They are not trained to be "sharp" in the first place. But they have the basic, and the positive attitude to learn from me. I am taking this challenge to make this group the best snipers for Indices trading. The teaching and follow up sessions are done through Facebook(it's challenging some times), and everyday, there are members posting trade plans for the market opening on the following day. I don't believed in s

Bitcoin massive drop on H&S Pattern

News Headline for Bitcoin: Bitcoin and ethereum suffered massive drops, but many cryptocurrencies are faring even worse [by CNBC] Before the drop, a Head & Shoulder Pattern was formed. on hourly chart 14,000 being the neckline of this pattern, price tested this level a few times and finally gave way yesterday and plunge close to 10,000 . Happy Wednesday :)

Can you Trade for a Living?

The reality of the situation is that only 10% of traders can make a living at it, and only 5% of traders make a lot of money. Sure, everyone makes a winning trade occasionally, but in the long term, their portfolios and their accounts remain about the same or even dwindle down to nothing. There are all sorts of reasons for this, such as bad timing, poor risk and money management, lack of trading discipline, unrealistic expectations, and a lack of knowledge. Trading Is Not a Hobby Since trading is a business, we should treat it as a serious business venture, not a hobby. The world of trading has very little room for emotions. There is only room for calculated, well-planned decisions. Our emot

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