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Normal vs Abnormal market movement

Can you recognize a normal market or an abnormal market?

We snipers can!

When price start to move in an abnormal way, once it reached a support or resistance zone, it provide a very high probability trade opportunity.

In SiMSCI, there're 3 such opportunities! Price has climb up to Sky in an abnormal way. After the initial 4 tics loss, another shooting star appeared. Since it has reached my important Fibonacci level, zoom in on short focus!

It's a risk of 4 tics versus 25 tics profit.

SiMSCI intraday trades on SkyLand

The signal came in yesterday T+1 session, this morning traded down to profit target.

At the same time, this is also the support zone (Land). A buy spring buy signal appear after an abnormal move again.

When the price reach intraday PAPLine-R1, autumn short signal appeared again after again another abnormal move.

What a wonderful time again for SiMSCI.

Have a nice trading day...

See you again next time.

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