Proper Preparation for Trading Success

Self confidence is directly correlated with the trader's perception of his level of preparation coming into the trading day, which lead to his/her ability to perform successfully. Good preparation also influences the skill level that a trader believe he/she possesses. One of the key as a trader is that you must spend the necessary time to make trading skills "automatic" and create winning trading habits. If you wish to immerse in total focus, you cannot be thinking of which technique or strategy. In our live trading class this evening, one of our trader shared his "difficulty" in holding a position that took sometime to reached the target profit. This triggered TY to share the trading style


10 years ago, we are back to home country (Singapore) when the expatriate term has come to an end. It also end the "lifestyle" that I truly enjoyed. 10 years later today, I am back to this part of the world (coincidentally, that is also where we first started donkey years back as an expat) as my the other half is an expat again. The different now, I have a daughter that is going to university soon and I have a nice bunch of traders with me back home. Trading at my new home, different Sky & Land, but trading the same contract together with my fellow traders back home, doing my usual Facebook updates is a daily norm. Facebook Live has bring us a little closer, but still short of 2 ways voice c

"Snipe and Go"

How long do you need to sit in front of the computer to trade? That depends on YOU actually. For us sniper traders, we want it to be short and sharp. Before rate hike was release last night, Nikkei has dropped to a low of 19,715 (which is also the major support zone. It formed a Spring reversal signal at around 11pm and bring the price up to our target. We do not interpret the news like most analyst do, we just need to know that there is a major news release at a certain time, take note of that timing, pull out our orders in case it spike the wrong way. We always encourage sniper trades to trade after the data/news release. Since we have all our levels ready, it is easier for us to make deci

Same skill, different markets

Can you apply the same skillset that you have learnt and apply to different markets? Of course you can. The only different is the volatility of each individual market. For example, between the 3 popular SGX Indices (SiMSCI, Taiwan & Nikkei 225), most of the time, SiMSCI is the slowest in movement compared to the other two. Same goes for US market. Compared to 6E & CL, 6A is the slowest in movement most of the time (unless there are major news event). For this reason, allocation of fund is important if you intend to trade multiple markets. I always have traders feedback that margins are not enough when setup came all at the same time, or the slower moving market held up their margin since it

A gift for the well deserved.

Tuesday morning, decided to have our breakfast at Starbucks. Found some beautiful Starbucks mugs that are only available here. According to the barrister, now is their graduation season, therefore, they came out with this special graduation mug. Graduation mugs... who should this go to.... A new journey.... Update from my last night Nikkei open order. This morning when I turn on my PC, realize that price has pull back but profit came before market closed. If you have an eye for chart pattern, you'll also realize that last night it formed a double bottom(DBB), if you have multiple lots, you can take some profit at the initial candle signal, and leave some balance for DBB target. You can also

Trade anywhere at your convenient.

First and foremost, do you agree that you don't need to trade a lot in order to make a lot in return. Trading is very different from any normal "job" out there. This is a job that allow you to leave your home country at any time you like but still able to "trade for a living". [But of course, do your basic check on the other country's network whether it is stable] Some might think, if you are going away for holiday, why do you still "work"? Whoever saying this, trading is not your passion. (That is all I can say). Whether you are trading Indices or Currency, you only need at most 2 hours from opening, in the evening or whenever you have some "free time" to hunt for trade opportunities, (I am

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