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T.A. or F.A.?

As a T.A. trader, when market suddenly move in a very fast pace towards our target, out of curiosity (after taking profit), we would like to know what move the market.

I have not done any F.A. studies myself, so I cannot comment too much about F.A. But the interesting part is, you can find reasons from F.A. to fit into the chart without knowing that it happen.

It seems like nature always play it's part. Whenever T.A. move, good or bad news will then follow.

Take an example for today's SiMSCI.

SiMSCI Hourly Chart

From the T.A part, SiMSCI is meant to drop (from the Fibonacci projection).

The entry was way back since 1st of August, 2017, it then move sideway in selling zone for 4 days. Drop down another level and traded sideway for another 6 more days. Eventually reached target on the 7th day -- 16th Aug 2017. (7-UP story? hahahaha...)

What do we have on newspaper this morning?

Bad News

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