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Professional Equity Futures Trading with Technical Analysis

                                                (2+3 days)

2-days Programme: 


  • Gauging market sentiments with Emotion Lines

  • Foundation candle sets

  • TY-MAP with TY-138 to determine buy/sell mode and trend/momentum mode

  • TY-seasons (seasons color on candle)

  • TY-RL, another indicator to tell trend, derived from Dow Theory & Darvas Box

  • S/R Lines

  • Trendline/Channel

  • Multiple TimeFrame


Putting together indicators:


  • Seeing what the funds "see"

  • TY-STD set-up

  • TY-8wc set-up

  • BRG set-up


3 days Programme:


Day 01 -- Sat (Time: 9am to 5pm)


  • Our complete set of candles and signals

  • TY-Map

  • Re-enforce TY-seasons

  • Foundation set-ups (for trend): TY-STD, ST-STD

  • Precise Money Management 

  • Classical chart patterns with TY-OH (Opera House)

Day 02 -- Sun (Time: 9am to 5pm)


  • Concept of Gaps

  • Order types

  • PPTA (Knowing the Trend)

  • Level play set-up (for swing): TY-CPR

  • FB postings (Multiple Time-frame)


Day 03 -- Mon (Time: 8am to 5:15pm)


  • Trading platform

  • Charting software

  • Contract specification for Big 4 SGX Indices (NK, SG, TW & CN)

  • Watching live markets

  • Trading plan templates

  • Know thyself


Extra lesson on expiry (TBA)

  • Futures as a hedging instrument

  • Futures as an investment instrument

  • Understanding roll-over

  • Understanding spread trading

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