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Missile effect

Early Tuesday morning, the news flash headline was North Korea missile passes over northern Japan, while I was having holiday in Taiwan.

What will happen to Nikkei 225, my immediate reaction.

Quickly get ready my chart, on standby mode. As a sniper, I know the opportunity in Nikkei has arrived.

It has been slow moving for weeks, and keep missing the most important support level where all Snipers are on standby mode.

When market open, Nikkei gap down, "landed" at H1 "star" level.

Nikkei H1

At LTF, waiting patiently for market to open and waiting for the earliest possible entry. A Hammer formed at opening.

Nikkei 225 LTF

From the missile firing day (N Korea) hitting H1 star support level (Japan Hokkaido), the missile drop into the sea with a big splash that bring traders 81 tics profit.

Duration = 3 days 2 night.

Price = xxx lots X 81 tics

Nikkei H1

Before "THY DAY"... Nikkei was slow like snail everyday, it has come so closed to this support level 4 times, but missed. Finally when a event like this struck, it bring the price to the level that all Fibonacci fans are waiting for.

A tool that was created by the Nature :)

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