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Fibonacci ratio everywhere

The Fibonacci ratio is constantly right in front of us and we are subliminally used to it. Thus, the human eye considers objects based on the Fibonacci ratio as beautiful and attractive. It works the same way even with human faces! Faces with parameters (eyes to mouth distance, eyes to nose distance, ears to eyes distance) closer to 61.8% are beautiful and attractive to the human eye. In this manner, big corporations like Apple or Toyota have built their logos based on the Fibonacci ratio. After all, we should not forget that these are two of the most attractive and engaging logos in the world.

I have also covered a lot about Fibonacci in trading.

Today's article in the Facebook caught my eyes. It's a Durian price chart with Fibonacci numbers!

It has pull back and drop to 161.8% support level. I was telling my traders, if the price break support, go for the next level. That is the time for us to enjoy reasonable price MSW Durian 😋

Guess What happen on newspaper today?

Isn't this magical 🤣

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