What happen to GBP after Brexit?

As at 8:30pm Singapore time, GBP futures had hit a low of 1.3165. Trend: Pink below purple ==> Short bias A shooting star signal was formed at TY-138* @ 4pm SG time, with a 2R profit on 3 lots, that generated close to US$4,000. If you have no time to closely monitor your trades like a normal full time trader, higher time frame is a better option.

U.K has voted for BREXIT

This is the day that not only the British are on high alert about the final decision. Most traders out there are also on high alert mode so as to capture this rare market behavior that doesn't come by easily. Osaka Nikkei futures trading halted for first time since 2013, The circuit breaker, which temporarily halts trading when prices hit predefined tripwires, was triggered as Nikkei futures fell to 14,840 yen, 1,330 lower than the previous settlement price. http://asia.nikkei.com/Markets/Tokyo-Market/Nikkei-futures-trading-halted-for-first-time-since-2013 The chart attached is SGX -- Nikkei 225. From opening hour @ 7:45am, market is in "fear mode". Price is trading below emotion lines, sell

2 hours or less a day in trading is it ok for you?

How long can you stay focus on one thing? Most of the article mentioned: not more than 40 minutes. So, why are you spending so much time, sitting in front of your computer, staring and trying hard to find trades throughout the whole day. Trading is very different from normal working life, where you need to spend 8 to 12 hours in your profession. For Index trader, you can start as early as 7:45am. Nikkei 225 is ready for you to start the day. Look at the chart below, not forgetting your trade plan before you start your day. Trade plan for today, pink below purple zone, but price has already traveled to a extreme support zone "PAPLine-S3" with a "bullish hammer signal" to close for yesterday.

Knowing the trend and trade with the trend

Yesterday I have covered Nikkei 225 using our *PPTA trend analysis. I shall do one for today as well, still using Nikkei 225. Trend is still down -- Pink below purple belt, our focus should be to look for short opportunities. This round, the example is using a slightly experience Nikkei trader using 6 lots for every trade entry. Market open and immediately given a spring sell signal, unfortunately, this trade failed. Our traders are all using "hard stop" rule! This trader loss Yen 120,000 or ~US$1,056 for this trade. Get ready for the next signal. Market gave us another spring sell signal almost immediate after the first trade being stop out. This time, this trader was rewarded with Yen 195,

Many ways to benefit from trading Index Futures using *PPTA Analysis

Out of so many ways of identifying trend, let's pull out *PPTA from our indicator tool box. PAPLines is a "MUST HAVE". We use this as profit taking level as well as taking it as a guide to identify market exhaustion so that we can also do "swing trading". The chart below shows Nikkei 225 on Jun 10, 2016 (Friday). When pink is below purple and blue zone, it is in down trend. Since it is in down trend, our main focus on market opening is to look out for sell opportunity. Nikkei 225 open at 7:45am Singapore time, an autumn signal appear at 8:00am at purple sell zone, a fantastic setup. Entry is important, so is exit. We shall collect our profit at PAPLine-S1. That would be 18 tics profit. Base

Learn trading through practical sessions

Our May 2016 Currency Futures course just ended last week. Today is the first night live trading session for our new traders, they have to translate the theory into practical. Their job tonight is to recognize all the signals when price is jumping. They are doing well on the first night. Experience take time, by putting in 3 hours every evening, I am sure they can progress very fast. Let's take a look at what they have learnt and gone through this evening on 6E. They have to hunt on all the trade setups from 7pm to 10pm. Within the 3 hours, with no major data release, this market has given our traders ~USD900.00++ on just 3 lots per trade. One of our new Index trader's comment on our Faceboo

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