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Learn trading through practical sessions

Our May 2016 Currency Futures course just ended last week.

Today is the first night live trading session for our new traders, they have to translate the theory into practical. Their job tonight is to recognize all the signals when price is jumping.

They are doing well on the first night.

Experience take time, by putting in 3 hours every evening, I am sure they can progress very fast.

Let's take a look at what they have learnt and gone through this evening on 6E.

They have to hunt on all the trade setups from 7pm to 10pm. Within the 3 hours, with no major data release, this market has given our traders ~USD900.00++ on just 3 lots per trade.

6E on June 08, 2016

One of our new Index trader's comment on our Facebook today, we have help him to cut short his learning curve. That is what we are doing in our trading community -- helping traders to cut short the learning curve. But it depends on whether you want us to help you. It is both way.

Cut short the learning curve in trading

Like to join our trading community? Our next upcoming course is schedule on July 2 & 3, 2016.

Registration Link:

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