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U.K has voted for BREXIT

This is the day that not only the British are on high alert about the final decision. Most traders out there are also on high alert mode so as to capture this rare market behavior that doesn't come by easily.

Osaka Nikkei futures trading halted for first time since 2013, The circuit breaker, which temporarily halts trading when prices hit predefined tripwires, was triggered as Nikkei futures fell to 14,840 yen, 1,330 lower than the previous settlement price.

The chart attached is SGX -- Nikkei 225. From opening hour @ 7:45am, market is in "fear mode". Price is trading below emotion lines, sell on pull back signal@ 16,330, it ran all the way to PAPLine-S3 (15,710) by 9:10am. 124 tics move which is equivalent to US$2,728 on one single lot.

Nikkei 225 -- 7:45am to 9:10am

Let's take a look at the one that is closely related to the BREXIT. The Euro (6E)!

On Asia opening hour, it was initially staying in greedy mode, but at around 7am, price start to cross below the emotion lines, it pull back at 7:16am with a valid sell signal (1.1387), it then traded further South to PAPLine (1.1213) by 9:10am. 174 tics move which is equivalent to US$2,175 on one lot.

6E -- 7:16am to 9:10am

Ok, it's time to take a look at 6B (GBP). On daily chart, a Head & Shoulder pattern was formed and triggered since Jan 2016, price was moving sideway since then, it has decided to retest the right shoulder this morning, it then plunge to the projected target at noon. (From neckline: 1.4817 to 1.3355, 1,462 tics drop!)

6B (GBP) H&S Pattern

When there's a special event, you'll then be given this special opportunities, if you are equipped with the trading skillset, you can then benefit from such event.

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