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2 hours or less a day in trading is it ok for you?

How long can you stay focus on one thing? Most of the article mentioned: not more than 40 minutes.

So, why are you spending so much time, sitting in front of your computer, staring and trying hard to find trades throughout the whole day.

Trading is very different from normal working life, where you need to spend 8 to 12 hours in your profession.

For Index trader, you can start as early as 7:45am. Nikkei 225 is ready for you to start the day.

Look at the chart below, not forgetting your trade plan before you start your day.

Trade plan for today, pink below purple zone, but price has already traveled to a extreme support zone "PAPLine-S3" with a "bullish hammer signal" to close for yesterday.

Nikkei 225 -- Jun 14, 2016 (Tue)

Plan for the day would be:

Set a limit order at 50% (15,920) of this signal, stop loss remain the same. Market open @ 15,920. You are in for this trade. You can now set your profit target at PAPLine-R1 which is at 16,030. This target came at 8:10am, 25 mins from market opening.

Your profit for this trade on 3 lots = US$1,452.

Now, you can close your computer and start your usual daily routine.

Are you really keen about trading or are you just trying to find some fun factors outside of your normal working life. Why do you choose to "soak" yourself inside the market.

When you're not doing well, is it really your methods that cause the problem, or the real problem lies on "YOU"?

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