Nikkei 225 hit Resistance

Almost always... when there is a [big thing] happening on my day to day live, market will be at a level where it is so nice to me... I am so blessed and I am grateful ... Let's do a recap on Nikkei 225 using H1 for this week. On Monday, market gap up, touches 19,450 which is my favorite level. [This is the first time market touching this level]. It formed an IB, and later taken out by W&R Double TOP UDD. [I am sooooo..... happy.... I can hear TY said: 变态] Tuesday, market is so nice, I can still park limit order at trigger price & 50% of UDD. Wednesday, price are back to 19,450.... so nice ..... but this is the second attempt... I don't want to be so aggressive like the first time. Forth day,

Start to love a sideway market

This is to show you, the longer the market trading in sideway, the more wealth is dropping into your bank account. (If you have the skill, which snipers, you are learning now.) I will be using Fibonacci retracement as a trading tool to capture this sideway market. In order to perform a Fibonacci retracement, market must first come to it's exhaustion level (snipers, you should know where is the exhaustion level), next, wait for the impulsive move, and place your 0% & 100% for it to retrace to the entry levels. From the above chart, the 0% & 100% is identified. Park your entries at buy cluster zone since we have identified that market bottom has already formed. Base on Money Management (as tau

Tailored to suit your trading style

Every single trader has their own unique character towards trading. Therefore, we as a trading mentors, will try our best to help you find "the one" that is most suitable for you. The only thing that "you" need to take note is "greed". [Your exit is important; staying away from the market after taking profit is also important.] I would like to share with those of you who loved to trade in the direction of bigger time frame trend direction. Using this as your main trading focus and going into smaller time frame to look out for trade opportunities. [**you truly know you loved it, don't turn around and tell me, you are hybrid] This is a 60 minutes chart with a PPTA showing you the trend directi

Turning HTF trend into a profitable LTF trading strategy

Refining your trading skills requires commitment and discipline. Getting to the level of trading knowledge requires building enough experience. Plan your Trade When HTF Trend is testing it's support or resistance zone, you have one of the lowest risk entries possible. This is Nikkei 225 (SGX-DT) hourly chart. Price has "pulled back" to resistance zone, on opening, it formed a sell signal (Bearish Engulfing). [Trading on pull backs is one of the most popular forms of trading among traders and it can be very profitable if done properly] In a lower timeframe (aka LTF) chart, the focus is to follow the higher time frame (aka HTF) trend direction to capitalize on the trend. These are the various

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