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Same skill, different markets

Can you apply the same skillset that you have learnt and apply to different markets? Of course you can.

The only different is the volatility of each individual market.

For example, between the 3 popular SGX Indices (SiMSCI, Taiwan & Nikkei 225), most of the time, SiMSCI is the slowest in movement compared to the other two. Same goes for US market. Compared to 6E & CL, 6A is the slowest in movement most of the time (unless there are major news event).

For this reason, allocation of fund is important if you intend to trade multiple markets. I always have traders feedback that margins are not enough when setup came all at the same time, or the slower moving market held up their margin since it has not reached their profit or Stop Loss.


This morning, SiMSCI open at "sell cluster" zone, trader with Fibonacci knowledge should know where to park their limit order 15 minutes before market open. The next good opportunity is of course during T+1 session, around 6:04pm, a HgM signal formed at resistance zone.

SiMSCI hourly is also blocked by resistance.


Nikkei 225, after forming a Bear-flag in the morning, was down 50 tics from the first autumn sell signal.

Nikkei 225

Nikkei 225 Hourly chart is also hinting to us that market direction today is "Bearish"!

Nikkei H1

6E is the same, went back to "sell cluster" this afternoon, signal traders to short (just that we have more trade opportunities as compared to Indices).

6E Euro

Same skill, use it in different markets, still the same application.

Hope you have a good trading day.

Good night traders.

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