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A gift for the well deserved.

Tuesday morning, decided to have our breakfast at Starbucks. Found some beautiful Starbucks mugs that are only available here.

According to the barrister, now is their graduation season, therefore, they came out with this special graduation mug.

Graduation mugs... who should this go to....

A new journey....

Update from my last night Nikkei open order.

This morning when I turn on my PC, realize that price has pull back but profit came before market closed.

If you have an eye for chart pattern, you'll also realize that last night it formed a double bottom(DBB), if you have multiple lots, you can take some profit at the initial candle signal, and leave some balance for DBB target.

You can also choose to enter on candle signal at market opening. Can you see "broom"?

Switch over to Currency Futures.

Both 6A & 6E are at the right spot giving out signals.

Before Nikkei closed , it has also closed 2 long positions (HM) with the help of Emolines.

Nikkei 225 (LTF)

** this chart is for the little soft spoken lady trader in day class :) COP5 up, Emolines Up. Simple structure.

That's it for now...

Have a nice Tuesday 🎉

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