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Trade anywhere at your convenient.

First and foremost, do you agree that you don't need to trade a lot in order to make a lot in return. Trading is very different from any normal "job" out there.

This is a job that allow you to leave your home country at any time you like but still able to "trade for a living". [But of course, do your basic check on the other country's network whether it is stable]

Some might think, if you are going away for holiday, why do you still "work"? Whoever saying this, trading is not your passion. (That is all I can say).

Whether you are trading Indices or Currency, you only need at most 2 hours from opening, in the evening or whenever you have some "free time" to hunt for trade opportunities, (I am referring in using "the JG's way" that I am currently training my traders). If there's no trade, shut down your PC, you don't have to force a trade!

Take this trip for example (I am away for summer break), I am flying off and reached my destination on 8th Jun in the late afternoon. As usual, after checking in, the first thing is to turn on my computer and check on their local network :D

When everything is working fine, I will just leave my computer on and go for dinner.

Nikkei 225

At around 10:15pm the same Thursday evening, a shooting star (SS) formed at the major resistance zone for short sellers (probability increase when it coincide with Sky) Once the entries are done, the "system" will take care of the rest by itself (whether profit or loss).

On the same evening, nothing for SiMSCI.


Let's move on to the next morning. As usual, start with Nikkei as it open the earliest at 7:30am.

Nikkei 225, opening

Nikkei gave traders one short opportunity at around 7:50am, followed by a long signal at 8:25am. Both trades profit before 9am.

Time to go out for breakfast and carry on with other activities.

Facebook Live

Jun 9 evening, a [SS] formed at midnight for SiMSCI hourly chart. (technically it should be Jun 10 :) at SKY.


Monday morning (Jun 12), SiMSCI hourly chart formed a SS at 11am, it is also a Double Top formed at SKY (Chart Pattern).


As I am writing this (Jun 12, 10pm), Typhoon strike this part of the world....

Staying indoor, looking at the market....

Nikkei has reached it's hourly support zone, and a buy signal at "Land" for lower time-frame. Enter a Long position, at the same time, check on other contracts.

Nikkei 225 -- 10:00pm to 10:35pm [Signal: Bullish Engulfing]; order is still open

HTF vs LTF on Nikkei 225

At this time 10:50pm, Crude Oil (CL) has reached support zone (Land). Enter a position and reached target within 10 minutes with 13 tics profit. Dollar value? it depend on your Money Management when you plan for this trade. If you can do 3 lots, that is USD390. If you can afford 10 lots, that is USD1,300.

With the help of TY-JG indicators, your job as a trader is much easier now, you just need to wait for the right moment, act like a Sniper, shoot at your enemies.

Crude oil chart (CL) -- 10:50pm to 11:00pm [Signal: Bullish Engulfing]

Crude Oil

Nikkei glide through without landing... Typhoon effect??? :D

Nikkei as at 11:30pm

Another trade given by Crude Oil (CL) at Land Jun 13, 12:11am, profit in less than 2 min.

Crude oil at Land

I shall stop my sharing now...

I'll be doing Facebook Live on coming Wednesday again... looking forward to that.

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