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10 years ago, we are back to home country (Singapore) when the expatriate term has come to an end. It also end the "lifestyle" that I truly enjoyed.

10 years later today, I am back to this part of the world (coincidentally, that is also where we first started donkey years back as an expat) as my the other half is an expat again.

The different now, I have a daughter that is going to university soon and I have a nice bunch of traders with me back home.

Trading at my new home, different Sky & Land, but trading the same contract together with my fellow traders back home, doing my usual Facebook updates is a daily norm. Facebook Live has bring us a little closer, but still short of 2 ways voice communication. I miss those guys that always stand out there to answer all the questions. Hahaha...

Lifestyle -- have you ever dream of a certain lifestyle? Why are we on this topic? All because of a simple discussion last night that started from my daughter to her daddy, she was telling him: people don't just sell you an item, they are selling you a "lifestyle"...] never mind about their discussion topic, but the sentence is very true. It's the lifestyle. We all wanted a certain type of lifestyle.

I always remember a few traders was telling me way back, they wanted to trade well so that they can have more time to do charitable activities.

I also have traders telling me, they want to trade well so that they can migrate to another country, and their children can be a much more happy kids. Less pressure from our society.

Of course, there are many more lifestyle dreams that other traders have shared with me.

I hope this "lifestyle" dream are still with them, and they are working towards this.

As a trader, we just need good internet connection, a normal computer, and you can trade from any part of the world. (I still remember a lady trader sending us her picture by the sea-side, trading)

I do not encourage you to sit in front of your computer all day. Just be a market opening specialist (if you are trading SGX Indices & your working hours allow you to have that free time slot) or set a time of the day (example: 7pm to 10pm daily) if you are holding a day job.

I have been updating this week, showing you how I just trade on opening for Nikkei 225 (although I am also guilty that I would occasionally peep at my computer when good opportunities strike).

My daily routine here, exercise every morning, while waiting for Nikkei to open at 7:30am. Once my orders are placed, I continue with my exercise, while waiting for profit or stop loss.

2 hours from opening, I would normally update Facebook. My breakfast will depend on what time my daughter wake up... just like many young girls out there, she sleep rather late, and we almost always only have brunch.

Nikkei 225

My first entry for this morning was at 8:07am, Autumn sell signal at HTF S/R 19,930 as well as LTF Pattern resistance level (both coincide), ABN-U yet to Neu. The only thing to Snipe is "here"!

My snipers should know what is this important level and position sizing at this level is "the most important".

I always said this: As a trader, the most important thing is your position sizing at the right place. Without this, your account is not going to grow significantly.

Nikkei 225

9:53am -- another good trade appeared before my brunch. A shooting star at the same spot. Go for it but reduce size. Why reduce size? MKLK... this is only for our snipers.... :D

That's all folks, think about the lifestyle you would like and how you want to realize this lifestyle.

See you soon... have a wonderful Friday... Cheers

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