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Simplicity is the key to Success

Some traders believe that ‘more is better’ in order to start profiting consistently. Eventually, when they realize this doesn’t work, they give up in exhaustion and frustration.

Trading is NOT about learning as many methods or systems as possible and then combining them and make it a trading strategy. Trading is simply about learning an effective trading strategy and master it. When you start to master this one strategy, you will know when it present itself and you will act without hesitation.

In our live trading class, we can see the "difference" on those traders who are willing to stick to one simple strategy (minority though) as a start to master their trading. These group of traders have no problem executing their trades when they see the setup happen in front of them. They also have no problem when some of the trades failed. They do not need to ask whether is this a signal? Can I take this signal? Will it fail me? They understand that trading is about probability, your trading edge is what gives you better odds at making money in the market.

**TYSA combine with PAPLinesNK

Many traders still "cling" onto too many indicators. They should do some housekeeping on their chart. Most common problem they are facing when they have too many indicators on their chart is indecision and hesitation on their trade execution. They will always tell you they miss the good trades and took the one that failed.

Start to clean up your chart, when you can master your trading strategy well, you will succeed in this business.

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