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News flashes are all on Ukraine-Russia tensions last evening.

How well you understand your opponents behaviour

Last night when we are having our usual tutorial session, we are still talking about the tight range that the market is trading this week (is market getting ready for something ...?), while we are discussing on what we could have done since it is such a tight range (which is good for sniper traders since we are aiming for a "fast in fast out trade"), trader ZH mentioned that we have one outstanding BBC that need to rectify.

[Why only to rectify on the 2nd time it reaches the YR? For the snipers to think and let me know the answers :)]

To rectify the "BBC", go to your LTF chart, price is trading at HTF-YR during our tutorial session. one trader commented, unable to trade and listen to tutorial at the same time :D

LTF action chart.


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