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I read more & trade less when traveling. Since the objective is to trade less, is there a strategy that can help you to stay calm and still trade when you're busy or traveling?

I would think the answer is YES! One of them would be: HTF SkyLand. With the help of technology this day, "alert" is something that is helpful.

August has just started, so is Autumn 🍁 Leaves starts to turn orange and fall... so is NQ.

8 trading days from August 01. 一招闯天下 [HTFSkyLand]

Day 01 (Aug 01) -- No trade

Day 02 (Aug 02) -- No trade -- 养生,早点睡

Day 03(Aug 03) -- Price traded down to Land and slight rebound. As a Sniper, fast in fast out. We just need price to move a little to make money.

Day 04(Aug 04) -- Price again drop to Land. A chart pattern "IvH&S" formed. A nice day for those who love to trade Chart Pattern (very good risk/reward ratio)

Day 04(Aug 04) -- Second opportunity. Wonderful day 04.

Day 05 (Aug 08) -- No opportunity.

Day 06(Aug 09) -- Singapore Holiday -- No opportunity

Day 07(Aug 10) -- Price traded to YR(a place that can create uncertainty sometimes) Failed twice, stay out!

Size matters... Skills matters... so is your Emotion.....

Enjoy the Autumn season and trade like a Sniper.


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