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Same entry, different exit

Different school of thoughts.

Same chart, similar view, different in profit taking.


Sniper's trade plan -- 速战速决

If the price has to go toward my other camps profit target, it will definitely cross my profit target first. As a sniper, I would prefer to enter with a **larger position and get out before it reach the other camp's profit target. (In another words, my profit is "guaranteed").

**Assuming that this is also a "killing zone" for sniper to ACT!

Assuming that both camp have the similar entry point (HgM for Sniper's camp as that is a NX,Full-size trading zone as well as a potential H&S Pattern)

As for the Rambo camp, the "Fish head" formed and would have a entry when it break the "Fish head". (A fellow Rambo trader has prepared and post this on the FB as preparation for the camp mates)

Trading plan

Our exits are totally different. As you can read from the above trade plan, target for their first exit point is much further than Snipers, not to mentioned the second target.

So, it really depend on you. Are you a trader who share the same belief like me that you prefer 速战速决, or you are a born trend trader.

Sniper vs Rambo's exit

The trading plans from both camps are good, and the conversion course are aim to further enhance your current skills.

For those who have signed up. See you soon.

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