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A trader's trading journey

There is a trader who has started her trading journey more than 10 years ago in the dragon land. She has this opportunity to met her mentor which teaches her and a few of her friends about trading.

Totally clueless about trading, they set off their journey to learn how to become a pro-trader.

They started by learning how to recognize candlestick from the charts, learning how to react to candlestick when it reaches support or resistance lines, learning how to ride a up or down trend.

Very soon, this lady realized that she is not good at handling her emotion on trading a trend, and she has discussed with her mentor. So, the option is for her to take up swing trades. This is a big relief for her. She just have to wait for signals to appear at levels for entries and exits. There's no stress as it has become a routine task.

PAPLines with Candlestick

This practiced has lasted for a year before they were introduced to Fibonacci trading.

Fibonacci trading

It took them another year of practiced to perfect their skill, from basic 101 entry to exit, to trading at Fibonacci levels. Knowing when the trend will end, knowing when to abandon and create a new Fibonacci lines for trading.

Fibonacci levels

Now, she can build many more indicators on top of her basic trading plan to further enhance her trading business, but her core basic skill is still price action on Fibonacci.

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