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This time round, I have the advantage of preparing some of the conversion traders weeks before actual course.

I started them with recognizing chart patterns.

Chart Pattern

For the first week, I showed them where to look out for potential levels that chart pattern will appear. I will then asked them to point out the chart pattern (if any) during our trading days, it is kind of stressful for them initially, but I think they are used to the "stress" by now. I then followed by adding layers on top of Patterns. Which is the Pattern Fibonacci levels. They are still coping, progressing well.

Beside the day class, it is followed by continuous pressurizing them through FB questions, I am so glad that they are so responsive to all my questions so far and are progressing well.


I would normally post my usual "step by step" trading in the FB, what I would like my traders to achieve, is to be able to recognize setups as fast and as sharp as possible. It should be like normal reflexes.

This time round, I think I am a bit "kiasu", I even do a run through during my sniper class to estimate the course timing. Still adjusting, I hope to get it near to perfect.

Course materials are still on going, with lots of examples and be prepared for simulation trading during the course.

Count down == 11 days to the course.

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