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You think you really want to be a successful trader?

Nikkei 225 H4

Recently when I was guiding a new trader, going through certain rules and setups, he seems confused. I asked whether did he follow the Facebook posting that either fellow traders in the class or myself posted daily,

he replied: "Yes, I did."

When I asked again: "Do you understand what they are posting?"

His answer: "Yes, I understand."

I asked again: "Did you spotted the same trade and take action?"

This time, his answer really shocked me.

He said: "I understood their action. But, I have never question myself whether did I take that trade? Why didn't I take that trade? I just looked at the posting without thinking and continue to trade the way I am trading."

Now I start to wonder, how many traders out there are behaving the same way. I consistently posting intra-day setups & opportunities on Facebook for fellow traders to check against themselves, but traders continue to only "look" without questioning why are they not doing the same thing.

The worst of all, this trader continue to do what "he think" is right, and continue doing.

We (TY & myself) have always encourage traders to post their trades on Facebook so that we can monitor their progress, except my night trading group which I "force" them to do it, but very very few would follow this simple instructions.

That reminded me of a favorite quote by Ed Seykota: “Everybody gets what they want out of the market.” No one can ever force you to be successful if you don't even want to.

It will be pointless to keep asking trainers questions when you don't even show your sincerity in this trading ground by showing us your progress report.

Are you really ready to be a trader? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Still giving lots of excuses to yourself, why you are not successful? Blaming every damn thing under the sun but yourself?

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