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What have you achieved in 2015?

In another 25 days, 2015 will come to an end. It's time to look at what you have set for yourself during the beginning of the year. Have you achieved what has written on your new year resolution?

For us here in TY Live Trading Room, we have came out with a helping tool to make the trader's life a bit easier. We have also started a night trading class with the intention to help traders who are still holding on to their day job and wanted to get an additional source of income through trading.

We have also came out with "SB Competition" for traders to rewire and think how they can improve their Winnings in the game, so as to see their confidence level increase to the next height.

1 SB Cup average US$400 on one lot, the more SB Cup you get, the more you see your account grow. The next thing they have to work on is "position sizing". In order to grow your account, you cannot do it without "SIZE".

It's OK to be imperfect

Whatever the outcome of what you do, always bear in mind that it is impossible to be perfect. It is not necessary to berate yourself for the occasional failures. Remember that it is by accepting your imperfections that you know you are all human. The key thing when you fall is to be able to pick yourself up again, each and every time.

At TY Live Trading Room. we are focusing on getting the baby steps right, helping our traders to build a strong foundation in trading. No matter how the market condition might change, with a strong foundation, they are less worried.

Beside getting rewarded from the market, they are also rewarded by us with a cup of real STARBUCKS.

Keep Things Simple Do your very best to simplify all the tasks and processes inside your head. When you keep your goals focused and clear cut, the task at hand gets simplified, and when you stay positive in your expectations, your energies are much more powerful. The good news about keeping thought processes simple is that your own resolve becomes the engine that drives you, and this is the most powerful.

Keep Your Spirits High The secret of success lies in constantly rejoicing and keeping your spirits high. This requires real effort but once mastered, it becomes a precious skill indeed. Rejoice at every triumph but also learn to meet every setback with a smile of acceptance.

Social Activity in TY Trading Community

In our trading community, beside mutual learning and pacing each others progress, the social life is also well taken care of by the initiative of our own traders.

Zhi Char after class

Supper after class


Supper after brainstorming sessions with the team leaders.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our traders who has the belief in us, following the trading rules and plans that are set by us to achieve their goals & dreams.

Lets work together for a better 2016.

Cheers :)

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