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SB setup ==> A Family Christmas Holiday

Mid of October, we started a New Focus for our active traders.

Their aim is to take SB trades from "CL", "6E", "6A", "ES" & "YM". In just 2 weeks, we have 30% of the traders from the class decide to go for it and claim their SB card.

one SB = one successful trades

Kudos to all our SB traders :)

Taking the latest entry submitted on Midnight (Oct 30) by one of our trader, on one lot, it generate USD550.00.

Let's assume you are planning a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland this Christmas. A family of four would need an estimate of SGD5,700 for flight and Hotel during this festive season.

What you need to do from now is to have 2 SB trades a week (5 trading days) to reach this target and bring your family on a Christmas trip.

We are waiting for November results.

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