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We are celebrating our SG50 this year, that reminded me of something that Tom will always highlight to our dear Singaporeans during seminars, "if you are Singaporean and you do not know what SiMSCI is, it's like you do not know Merlion. SiMSCI is our National product."

So, let me take this opportunity to introduce SiMSCI to everyone too.

SGX MSCI Singapore Index (SiMSCI) Futures was launched in Sep 1998. Liquidity has grown over the years and it is now widely-used by market participants to gain or hedge their exposure to the Singapore market.

While the majority of constituents of the SiMSCI and the FTSE Straits Time Index (STI) are mutual, the notable difference is that the STI incorporates more listings of the diversified business group of Jardine Matheson. As of March, the mutual stocks of both indices represented 93% of the SiMSCI and 85% of the STI. Traditionally, there is a high correlation with the MSCI Singapore and tracking the Straits Times index (STI) at approximately 96% of the time.

(Product information from: website:

As a TA trader, how can I not highlight to you on how to take advantage of the daily opportunities using our latest Season colors and PAPLines for SiMSCI. This video is a caption from May 15, 2015 (Friday).

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