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I was rather early this morning to reach the trading room. One of the reason of course is watching the Nikkei opening. With another tension created by North Korea during the weekend, I know that chances are very high for market to gap down on opening.

When the reflector was up, it was pointing at my exit level. No surprise, it open and all my positions are out instantly.

Market gap down below SkyLand, below PAPLine-S2, close to S3, a HM formed. Within 2 minutes, reached target profit.

Nikkei LTF

Another Nikkei trader was also early, and she said: I want to wait for 261%. Hmmm... sure, I replied. So, I went out to take my breakfast.

Nikkei 225 LTF

Market reached 261%, HM signal formed. Ta-da... ... but, this trader's trade plan is to have a pattern or SLBW for her to get an entry.

whoo ... double bottom formed!

Nikkei 225 LTF

Guess what I told her.... hmmm.... if this double bottom can formed at same low, the probability will be higher. But do we still take this signal? Yes.

Nikkei 225 LTF

The first ugly double bottom failed. Immediately a BuE formed! This time I told her, this is "the one"! She so cute, she said cheekily: later a SS will appear... I told her: I am not scared! hahahaha....

Nikkei 225 LTF

Can you see a SS at SkyLand? hahahaha... she is so "zun" right? I told her, market so nice to you, gave you cheaper entry (50%) :D

But after reaching double bottom's target, price was rejected at 261% again. Market is still weak.

Nikkei 225 LTF

Can you see a pattern at SkyLand as well as PAPLine-S2 now?

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