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A trip to J.B. with our traders

First stop -- Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh for breakfast 🍚🍲

Ah Soon's bak kut teh come in a piping hot claypot with chunks of blanched looking meat in a light looking steaming, furiously bubbling herbal broth. The preserved, soft green vegetable (giam cai) was only slightly satly and dominant tastes were sweet and tangy. Works well to whet the appetite for the chunks of meat in the claypot.

Next stop -- Go Kart

They are on Buggy this time (can you recognize them?)... going on the bumpy track ... good luck guys :)

Weather is treating us well. It only start to rain when all buggies are back from their bumpy track.

After an hour of bumpy ride, everyone are hungry by now...

Let's go for lunch at Jade Garden Seafood restaurant in Desaru (an hour's journey)

We have ordered Jade Garden's signature, Lobster in Superior Broth. The mildly savory sweet superior broth complements the firm springy lobster flesh very well. The lobster meat still contained it's natural juices and subtle flavors.

Next we go for the restaurant manager's recommendations, deep fried lobster. The lobster was deep fried in high heat till the shell was brittle and there was a slight crisp on the outside of the meat. The meat has a nice gentle savory sweet flavour. The meat was firm and springy, and slightly drier due to deep frying.

We also had their chilli crab with golden fried bun (Clara loves the fried bun)

By the time we are done with our savory lunch, it's almost 4pm, no time for other activities as we had to go for BBQ dinner which is our most important activity of the night. Our host Jimmy has an open house 🏡 for us tonight.

They are "da qiao" & "xiao qiao"... very good entertainers for our trip. So glad to have them with us. 👯

Henry is starting the fire 🔥

Jimmy"s secret formula marinated chicken wings.

Time flies... it's time for our last activity for the day.

Body relaxing massage 🙆🙆‍♂️ at kaki kaki ...

After 2 hours of relaxing our tired body at Kaki Kaki, it time to head home... Home 🏡 sweet home 🏡

I would like to thank Wei Wei for helping to coordinate the transport, Stephany & Peter for taking the role as I.C. for this trip, Mark for the extra transport, Henry, the caring ones for this trip, Clara the most cheerful cheer leaders, last but not least, Jimmy, for preparing the BBQ 🍗

Everyone has enjoyed this trip I hope.

Looking forward to our next trip.

Cheers 🥂

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