China market plunged, giving back 21.2% (A50) from her recent high

China market plunged again, giving back 21.2% (A50) from her recent high, and I started receiving some queries on my view whether a bear market has started. Bearing in mind that I'm a short-term trader, not analyst, I do not offer longer term market views. However, since the beginning of JUN, I have been embracing a deep correction coming for China market, and these are the reasons why... It's all about learning from history, believing that history would repeat itself, understanding mass psychology, what contrarian approach means, and finally, using Technical Analysis to confirm the story. Here is what happened ... "Learning from history": We had a bull market which started in 2003, ran s

Greece Crisis

With Greece in the spotlight, how can you as a trader benefit from this? Trading with our proprietary indicators like PAPLines (swing traders must have) & TY-Map will certainly gave you a certain edge when market is going sideway. 6E was trapped in a tight range for this whole week while waiting for the outcome on Athens' bailout program that will expire on next Tuesday. Our emphasis on trading is always Risk Management. As you can see from the charts for the past 1 week (Monday to Friday), we have winning trades as well as failed trades, once your risk is well taken care off, there's no fear in executing your trades, you will then see results in your trading. If every trades that you intend

Abnormal market movement

A market that move in one straight line without pull back, is this a normal market movement? Have you ever ask yourself this question when you are trading? Many intra-day traders always get caught in such scenerio, the scared of missing out mentality has gotten them into trouble. When market start to change direction from it's original wild move, most traders are still maintaining their view from the original movement that market has shown them and that is the part where they start to give back their intial gain. The worst scenerio that we have seen is of course giving back all the gain and go into losses. We have a nice discussion in our last night Currency trading session on this particula

Change the way you trade

Declutter your chart Many traders learnt many strategies throughout the years. (Many traders are course-hopper, still trying to find that special trigger button that can help to unleash their potential). Every mentor’s trading strategies are different in their own unique way and each of them has their own strength. As a trader, you have to find a trading system that fits your personality. Every trader needs a strategy to form a framework for their trading. Without a repeatable way to identify and execute trades, how can one achieve consistency in trading? Many traders went for too many courses and start piling up strategies that they have learnt onto their trading plans. This has caused the

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