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Change the way you trade

Declutter your chart

Many traders learnt many strategies throughout the years. (Many traders are course-hopper, still trying to find that special trigger button that can help to unleash their potential). Every mentor’s trading strategies are different in their own unique way and each of them has their own strength. As a trader, you have to find a trading system that fits your personality. Every trader needs a strategy to form a framework for their trading. Without a repeatable way to identify and execute trades, how can one achieve consistency in trading?

Many traders went for too many courses and start piling up strategies that they have learnt onto their trading plans. This has caused them to experience Analysis paralysis.

The beauty in trading – Less is more! The trading system should be a roadmap that guides your trading and able to make trading decision without much hesitation.

Go with the Flow

Can you see the benefits of going with the flow, not fighting against the direction of the wind from the 6E (Euro futures) chart? There is a rhythm to the flow of market, to the changing season.

The cold of winter into spring and the warmth of summer, then back to the coolness of autumn and winter again. Keep the natural balance of this season in mind and go with the flow.

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