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Welcome 2018

2017 has come to an end. Let's welcome 2018!

We have just completed our Year End Rendezvous on 29 Dec 2017. I thought I would just picked one interesting topic that Tom has covered during the RDV -- J.O.S.

RDV 2017

Do you still remember the example that Tom mentioned during the RDV? Yes, chart pattern. Master a simple strategy and go deep in understanding the strategy. 

He showed many examples on that particular chart pattern, can you remember what was that? You can find this chart pattern appeared in different timeframe, different contracts!

I do not have his chart, but I do have collections from our traders on the chart pattern that he mentioned during the RDV. There are plenty of this appearing every month that you can capitalized on.

Chart Pattern

Great traders read charts and understand the markets that they are trading. When you look at charts and see price action signals, look at the context or the story on the charts and don’t just trade ‘blindly’. You always need to pair the key levels (PAPLines) and look at all recent price action signals and determine if the market is repeating those patterns.

There are obviously other indicators in the tool box which is equally useful, just be very mindful not to clutter your chart. Make it Simple!

Have a wonderful year ahead, CHEERS 🥂 

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