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Reflection Time

To all my snipers (include those who are not physically in my sniper club), it's time for everyone to reflect what you have did right and wrong in trading as a sniper trader. It's time to do self reflection.

How many times have you identified a trade entry you thought was a good one, but for some reason you just didn’t click the mouse and enter that trade and then it went on to be a winner without you? When you see a trade signal on the charts, and you want to feel confident in your decisions, you must first know what you’re doing, what your trading strategy is and have an anticipatory trading plan. If you don’t definitively know what your trading edge is, you cannot possibly develop the confidence to execute a trade without hesitation. If you are worried about losing money on a trade, it’s going to inject fear into your decision to pull the trigger. Start to develop a trading mindset. Trading is about probability.

Open up the tool box, take a look at your chart, are you a sniper with the right weapon or you are just a sniper wannabe, place all the weapons on the war ground but have no idea which weapons to use?

Are you a SLBW price slayer? Are you acting on it when it happened in any markets that are under your radar?


Are you a 423 fannatic?

423 Effect

Or you prefer a piece of ARTWORK?


You might be the sporty type and you love to SURF

BBT waves

Knowing yourself is very important as a trader. All you must do is decide to change how you currently think about trading and change how you are currently behaving in the market. If you aren’t happy with your trading results right now, it’s time to change something.

Many people start trading without having obtained the skills or mindset of a professional trader, and they end up acting like a gambler in the market. Subconsciously, many traders are simply trading for entertainment (gambling) and have yet to treat trading like a business. (I have mentioned this thousand times since the very beginning of my teaching career).

Trading can offer you the world, but the more you feel you need it to work, the less likely you are to succeed. When people start feeling desperate or like they need to make money in the market, they start doing all kinds of things that lead to their failure.

You need to get these things right because they are the real ‘keys’ to trading success.

2018 has just begun, are you ready to embark into being a sharper and more confident sniper?

Wishing everyone a prosperous year 2018.

Happy New year

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