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Welcome the God of Wealth -2021

恭贺新禧 to all TRADERS in TYJG Trading Community

With limitation in number of people that we can visit or having our CNY LoHei, hope everyone still enjoy this Chinese New Year.

When there’s not much visiting can be done this year, you’re left with lots of time staying at home. Did you turn on your computer and start watching and trading the market?

Day ONE of CNY -- 12 Feb 2021 (Friday)

Did market produce any good opportunities to trader who are focusing on SkyLand?

TWO opportunities, one in EU trading hour, and one from US trading hour. Have you benefitted from this?

Day 5 of CNY, price traded to Sky (the resistance zone)

HTF Sky & Land -- a place where a trader need to place their “Full Size” trade.

Textbook size: 100 lots

I am so glad that one of our top sniper caught this move with Textbook Size. [That shows the confident in trusting his trade setup].

Is this a very big move? No! From entry to exit, only 256 tics! Sniper’s strength is to look for exhaustion and start to hammer the market with SIZE!

With the right Size at the right Place, how much do you gain from this trade?

NQ per tic, $5

Margin: $500 per lot. 100 lots = USD50,000 ONLY!!!!

[Error: Should be $1,000 per lot base on the website]

Total Gain: USD85,200

Hope the God of Wealth has visited you as well :) Huat ahhh....


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