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Welcome 2022

Sniper Club has just completed our 2021 recap in our training sessions. Since we are still at the start of the year, we should take a look at what is happening on the "left side of the chart", to plan for the "right".

Year 2019 -- Daily chart shows that price are trending upwards.

A blank chart, different trader with different skillset will deploy different strategies to harvest from the market. At the end of the year, check your account balance, how well did you do for that year.

As a Fibonacci trader, what we can see from the chart, a pattern plus a gap from the start of the year 2019.

Year 2020 -- Daily chart shows that price are continuing the upward trend from 2019 Pattern FIB.

Year 2021 -- Market continue to show strength, trading above 2019 pattern 423 level, therefore, as a Sniper, you know that a e-FIB should be there to guide you to trade the strength and at the same time, stay alert if it has reached exhaustion levels and start to show sign of reversal.

Start of 2022...

Where is the market now ...

I hope this can help some traders out there to map & plan your 2022.

Happy New Year

For the SiMSCI Fans


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