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Trading Plan

If you are tested positive for Covid, you hope your symptoms are mild enough to carry out your day to day activities(when come to times like this, you wished you were an employee, getting that 5 days MC, I try to ask my business partner to help, he was like.... hmmm.... hahaha... I can understand his difficulty, we are both trading different style). I guess we are just "normal human", after 3 jab, you can still get it. For myself, I still managed to run my 3 evening classes with my "horrible voice". Able to still trade and follow up on FB posting. Mood didn't exactly swing too much, wahahahaha......

Follow through from our last evening training session, the presenter, KT submitted her trade plan on Wednesday evening.

  • Bullish Bias

  • Long on price retracement to levels

What happen 2 days later(Friday), price retrace to support level for traders who are sharing the same trade plan to take action.

On hourly chart, this is how it looks like:

This time, KT is quite lucky, she get her KTc first, follow by her entry. [next time, we must always invite her to share her trade plan with us :D]

How does it look like on LTF?

KTc H1 completed at 3pm, she get an entry around 5:52pm. First target cleared at 8:26pm. Using the same position size (textbook size: 10 lots).

339 tics x 8 lots x USD5/t = USD13,560

Waiting for the fate of the balance 2 lots ... ... (time: 9:41pm)

News News.... any News.... :D

Finally... 3 minutes after cash open, target reached.

339 tics x 8 lots x USD5/t = USD13,560

678 tics x 2 lots x USD5/t = USD6,780

Nett again for KT ==> USD20,340 (using textbook position sizing for illustration purpose)

Have a nice weekend, guys.


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