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Trading a Side-way Market ==> Nice

It is "Nice" only if you are a trader who likes to swing with the market :)

*This page is not meant for trader who prefer to trade with Trend.

Contract = SiMSCI --

Market gap-up on 20 July, traded & was resisted by Gap-Fib 261%. As Fib traders, you should know how to make good use of this FIB as potential S/R lines.

For those who are trained in Sniper Club (VooV sessions), since market is moving side-way, you should be able to spot lots of good opportunities, turn on your scanner and start to scan for "C-BBC; BBC; ABNC ..."

If not.... let me pick up some of them, and you try to turn on your scanner for those that was not listed here.

21st July, 2022, market formed a C-BBC, when it reaches Gap FIB 261%, on LTF, a UC-FIB form. Enter at 38.2%, exit majority at 295.0(22nd July, ~11pm) and final exit at 293.6(23rd July,~12am).


A second C-BBC opportunity, market is confirming it's sideway status. Price traded from 261% all the way to 100% (BJ- HM), an IvH&S formed on LTF.

Last example, 1st Aug, ABNC +C-BBC ==> LTF, a H&S formed.

Same strategy, different market, same outcome.

For those of you that are interested in swing trading, do join us in our 8 sessions a month VooV online, you can write to:

Happy trading.


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