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Japan’s Nikkei 225 jumps 2% on Tuesday; SiMSCI is moving too!

Since my last updates on 11 Feb, Nikkei 225 hasn't been moving much.

**Nikkei 225 "Jump" on the NX signal yesterday :D [see from the chart below]

Post extract from 11 Feb Blog

The open position from the H&S has since reached it's target on 15 Feb, around 2pm with a Hammer(Signal) to continue with "NX". This "NX" trade also took profit on the same day, 5pm.

Something that we observed:

==> The up-FIB BJ- zone offers good support.

==> The Down-FIB 423% is also offering good support.

==> we do see a "BBC" that might "disturb" the current up-move.

Watch the price if it is at YR, whether bullish side or bearish side to plan next action.

What about SiMSCI?

A small DBT formed on 10th Feb, drop from Sky to Land and what do we observed?

Pattern on Pattern!!! [nothing special, depends on your "risk appetite"]


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