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The key to trading success is being consistently disciplined to follow an effective trading routine until it becomes a habit. Do you have this habit?

Trading routines are the real key to success in the market, and be realistic, it's a PROBABILITY GAME, that means, you can get "Stop-Out" trades.

**NQ dated: 31 May 2022

HTFSkyLand trader(s) --

Trading routine: Only trade when price support or resisted by HTF-SkyLand

Strategy: FIBs

Today's result: 2 trades, both successful even though trade 1 did not run to 2nd profit target.

Same day, same strategy, different contract (ES).

**ES dated: 31 May 2022

It is my personal opinion that traders need a good foundation to build their trading career if they want to have a serious chance at making consistent money in the markets.


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