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Generate good returns from a small trading account

Generating 5, 10 or 20% returns a month is not impossible. Many traders think that because they are having a small trading account, they are hampered from trading like the big guys.

Charts tell a Story

In my previous write-up, I emphasised that traders should listen to what the market is telling us. The charts reveal to us the result of the actions all market participants make. If you want to know where the market will go next, look “LEFT”! Market structure leaves clues. I just had a meeting with the senior traders yesterday to discuss on our new month Focus. One thing that we touch on & important piece of information, “Look LEFT”! The candle on the LEFT tell us a lot of stories, and help us focus on the decision.

How to interpret Candles on the LEFT

[What did the market tell us when it formed a BIG candle? Do you understand what is the market trying to tell you?]

Simple system work BEST

In Sniper Club, those that consistently perform the best are also the simplest. Some traders might think that in order to achieve better trading results, the system or strategies need to be complex. Having 15 indicators, gann waves, fibonacci, and trend lines all over your chart does not improve your chances of making a profit; Quite the opposite.

Position Sizing

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT the system that generates the majority of your profit. It is your position sizing.

Knowing how much to risk, when to scale up and when to scale down are critical to maximise your returns.

With this knowledge you can use any number of position sizing techniques to ramp up your returns.


I cannot give you a foolproof plan for getting ridiculously rich. But I can teach you to look out for “one good trade”. That’s it. We make one good trade, then another good trade, then another. We are not looking to get rich overnight, we are just looking for consistency.

Focus on one good trade, You put enough of them together and you’ll find you’re one of the best trader on earth.

This short video-clip is meant for those who has joined the Sniper Course. But I would like to extend this to all, the purpose is of course to show you the effect of one good trade with just 10 lots. With a Ninjatrading account, a small trading margin of US$5000 for 10 lots, (as compared to those other trading platform that requires approximately US$50,000 for 10 lots.)


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