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Double edged sword

From the very beginning of this trading journey, we as trainers, swear by trading communities. A place where all the like minded people are able to mingle around, encourage one another when someone is feeling low, discuss about the market after class or discuss about class-work, and of course, there are many other advantages to have such a community. BUT, very soon, we also realise, if you follow the wrong type of people in the community, instead of helping you, it actually hinder your progress in trading.

I guess most of the traders in our community would like to "shine" one day by hitting that 5 star income category. The formula is actually very simple: See what the 5 stars do, you do the same! Do you remember, once upon a time, they are just one of your course mates sitting beside/behind/in front of you. What makes them where they are today? Can't stress enough the beauty of this community, you get to witness your peers (ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars) whom are able to achieve the good results, so can you (if you can do what they do).

Q&A sessions

The best part of this community is still, the Q&A sessions during the class(just like our physical classes before pandemic), trainees learn faster through Q&A sessions. You need to know the topic well, are well prepared before entering the class(just like you prepare a trade plan before entering the market) if not, you'll not be able to answer the questions and the whole class will be sitting there waiting for your answer. If a trainee can perform under this type of pressure environment, he/she can understand the market structure faster than his/her peers sitting there waiting to be fed on the answers.


Everybody strength & weaknesses are different, in Sniper community, from what I know(by the way, not everyone are willing to share their P&L with you, so what when they call you teacher) they all specialise in one strategy(not multiple), after achieving success from it, then they continue to explore new add on.

Having said all these, we still have strong belief that our community will get stronger year after year, producing more and more elite traders.

加油 Sniper 团队


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